Les Pieds Gauches

 „Les Pieds Gauches“ is a dance group based in switzerland specialising in medieval and renaissance music and dance.

We made our first steps in 1994 during the „Fête Médiévale“ in the castle of Grandson. Since then the group has taken on an international flavour and regularly animates medieval markets and spectacles abroad and in Switzerland, as well as weddings and firm outings. To the sound of live music we perform demonstrations, as well as dances that the public can easily participate in. We regularly hold dance workshops for children and adults and can propose these to event organisers.

In our repertoire you will find dances of the common people as well as of the medieval bourgeosie and court, with origins in France, Italy, Spain, England and Germany. These are danced in rows, circles or couples. We are continuously perfecting our dance technique as well as extending our repertoire. Our costumes are painstakingly made by hand and are based on historic sources from the late middle ages.

We happily work with our friends „Hauvoy“ and „Mirabilis“ (see links) and have, since 2009, our own musicians, the „Doigts Gauches“, who play faithful reproductions of such medieval instruments as the bagpipes, shawm, lute, flutes, viola and drums.

We are continuously looking for new ways of extending and presenting our repertoire and hope to agreeably surprise our public.